Our Life, 15 Minutes at a Time

Starting on Sunday, these things became a major part of our day.


Also, these were introduced. Yep, potty training, here we are.


The royal throne, complete with books and a little rug to keep cold toes warm.


And a fun variety of cute big boy pants and Buzz Lightyear Pull Ups.


We started Sunday after church, so it was only a half day attempt. It was relatively successful. Nothing happened in the potty itself, but with the timer set to go off in 15 minute intervals, Jayce would race in, and actually sit on the potty (which he had been refusing to do before.) With the cotton pants on he would realize when he had gone (as opposed to with the Pull Ups), and would tell us when he was wet, so this awareness on his part was a small accomplishment. The first time that we took him to the potty and he was dry, he said, “Mom! Not yucky! All clean and dry!” So I thought his excitement and recognition of this was a small accomplishment as well.

Our first full day was not great. Jayce woke up grumpy and disagreeable, so everything was an issue. It was a bad day to try to get him to do something new, and so he didn’t. He ran in the other direction when the timer went off, slunk to the floor when I tried to take off his pants, wouldn’t sit on the potty, wouldn’t stay on it when I put him there, and wouldn’t let me put new pants on him, and stopped telling me when he was wet. He didn’t care about his M&Ms or any other fancy incentive. I tried many approaches: I was casual, I was stern, I disciplined him, I played with him-none worked.

He whined, he cried, he kicked, he smacked me. I was tired, my back hurt, I texted Chris enough that he came home a little early and I ran away (upstairs) and let him take over.

But Jayce was great for Chris, he had none of the problems that I’d been having.

I’m hoping that this is a bit like that horrible week of letting your kid cry it out at nap time or bed time: It is really horrible for that week, but you notice a big improvement/complete change by the end of the week. Right?

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3 thoughts on “Our Life, 15 Minutes at a Time

  1. okay, this scares me! tim spent saturday telling timmy that if he went in the potty we would go to chuck e cheese… right after lunch he managed to squeeze out two tiny little drops of pee and fell asleep for nap whispering to me "chuck e cheese sooo much fun!" so we went when he woke up… we haven't mentioned the potty in two days. i think you have the better approach! please keep us updated how the week goes and good luck!

  2. Just started potty training my little guy today, oh my, we have our hands full huh? Good luck to your little man, and thank you for telling me of your hard day yesterday, sometimes it is nice and refreshing to hear real life stuff! I have too many days like that with my own toddler. I hope each day goes smoother for you!

  3. Potty training is the only parenting thing I've come across so far that I seriously hate. With every fiber of my being. Hate it. I have plenty of old Owen posts about when I was potty training him. I am not lying when I say there were several days in a row when the only thing he ate was fruit snacks. Seriously. Not a vegetable or real fruit or whole grain. Seven packages of fruit snacks in one day.

    But, the good news, I started with Owen in January. Eli was born in May, and by the time Eli was born, Owen was nearly completely potty trained. So hopefully, by the time little one arrives, big one will be taking care of business!

    You've read my posts about kids rubbing fecal matter on themselves and me screaming as a result, right? Go easy on yourself. This is not fun.

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