Our One Year Old Girl

Miss Hannah, you are one.  A year ago we were so excited to meet you and discover everything about you.  And now, a year later, we know you.

1yr 1

Things like your hair.  Some babies have no hair, some babies have long hair, some babies have short hair.  You are one of the short haired ones.  It’s more of a light brown than a dark blonde, and mostly straight, although right after bath time it flips around your ears, and is the only hint of any curls on your head.

1yr 1 3

Your eyes are so pretty, and so different than we had expected.  For some reason we assumed they would be like mine (green), your dad’s (blue) or like Jayce’s (light blue), but they are their own color.  A gray that is both blue and green.  If the light is in front of you they seem so light, but if it’s behind you they seem very dark.

1yr 7

You are your own little lady.  Whatever your mood is that day, or that moment, you give it all you’ve got.  There is no lukewarmness about you and our discussions about you often reflect that.  
It’s always, She is such a rascal!!   or  She is just so stinkin’ sweet!!

12mos 9

I was so excited to take monthly photos of you, and this was you almost every month (starting around 4 or so).  Grabbing the plastic corners of the calendar and ripping them off.  Also, grabbing at the edges of the paper, crumbling it up, and rarely looking at me, etc.  I love the way the monthly calendar shots turned out as a whole, but I’m also glad to be finished with that little project. 

12mos 212mos 4

 I think you are too.

12mos 5

 At your well visit, I was happy to discover that you aren’t quite as tiny as I’ve been panicking about.  Not that tiny is bad, but for a few months you weren’t gaining weight and I was stressed about it.  (I brought this up with the doctor and he reminded me about how you were sick frequently over those months, and how that affected your appetite.)  So we’ve been glad to see your appetite dramatically improving over the past month or so.

12mos 11

You are 29 1/2 inches long, 48th percentile.
You weigh 18 lbs, 14 oz, 32nd percentile.  Sooo close to 19 lbs!
12mos 12
In fact, there are plenty of days where Chris will say, jokingly, “Erin do you feed her during the day?!”  
You still hate anything that could fall into the “baby food” category, and milk, but you love adult foods.  You want breads, meats, cheeses, fruit, dessert (and lots of it).  You don’t want applesauce, you want a whole apple that you can gnaw on.  The other night you swept your Mum Mums and strawberries from the top of your highchair when you saw your dad bring in burgers from the grill.  Which you promptly gobbled up.  It’s kind of crazy.  You often yell when we bring out the food at mealtimes or will immediately come crawling over to us if we walk into a room eating something.    
You took to drinking out of a straw immediately, the first time we offered it, much like how you took to the sippy cup the very first time.

12mos 15

You communicate with us.  
If you are in your crib and you are dirty, you will throw your bear and pacifier out of the crib, almost as a form of protest, like “well I’m not going to sleep in these conditions,” and then yell for us. 
But if you throw your pacifier out “on accident” you will yell “Uh oh” until we come up and give it back to you.  

12mos 13

You call for da-da, mom-ma, and Ja!  for Jayce.  You’ll say buh buh (not really like buh bye, it’s more just the b sound), but you sweetly wave goodbye and goodnight to people all the time.  You also answer the phone a lot, with or without something that looks like a phone.  You will stick a hand up to your ear, cock your head to the side and say, Ah? Ah!  It’s sweet.  We do this a lot.
You also have this conversation often with your dad, especially in the car.  
Da! Da-da?
Na-nuh. (pause) Growl noise.
Then you go through a series of your other noises, trying to get him to say them back to you.  Tongue clickling, lip blowing (I don’t know how to describe it, that brrrrrrrr motorboat engine noise?  I don’t know.) lip smacking, sniffing loudly, etc.  You have lots of tricks and you run through them.

12mos 14

Your crawling took off just after 11 months.  It seemed so late but boy are you fast now!!  You still aren’t really interested in walking, you get very nervous if you don’t have something to put each hand on as you’re cruising around, and if I’m close enough, you will grab at my shoulders and just sort of fall forward so that I’ll catch you and hold you.  Actually, this is okay with me, the not walking now, thing.  I spend a lot of my day grabbing you away from the steps (which you climb quickly), gross things that seem to attract you like a magnet (the trash, toilet bowl, dirty dishwasher), and the many things that you love to unpack (diaper basket, laundry basket, my purse, the diaper bag), so I can’t imagine if you were walking instead of crawling.  

12mos 17

You love to imitate noises right now, and laugh at how funny you are when you do so.  Or you laugh at us laughing at you, either way, it’s all the same.

12mos 19

You have 8 teeth, 4 on top, 4 on bottom.  You still nurse about 4-5 times a day: when you first wake up, before your naps, and before bed.  Oh yeah, and the middle of the night, because you still aren’t sleeping all the way through.  So help me Hannah, I will get REM sleep again one of these days.

12mos 21

Happy 1 year birthday my dear.  Looking forward to many more days and many more years of life with you.  We love you.

12mos 22

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  1. She is so sweet. I cannot believe how much older she looks in the last month or so! We still aren't sleeping through the night over here either! What is with these babies? Sheesh!

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