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Stuff 7A few weeks ago we had a very happy reunion around here. 

I mentioned here how we have been waiting for our things to arrive from America for weeks.  Almost 6 weeks after we arrived, to be exact.  When the crates arrived and we started to unpack them it was like Christmas for us all.  My running shoes and boots when I had been wearing flip flops exclusively for weeks!  Warm sweaters and (more of) Chris’ dress clothes for work!  Hannah’s crib and our nursery glider!  A few pictures and personal items to help it feel more like home!  And, oh yeah, the kids’ toys.  

Flatlivingroom 28Before the crate arrived, we had this modest toy box that was less than half-full of the few random things that they had carried on the plane or we had picked up once we were here.  But with so many other “start up” things to buy, loads of toys was obviously not a priority.  Particularly when we could borrow stacks of book at the library, and the weather was warm enough that we were spending a few hours each day at one of the local parks.  But still, kids need a few toys.  Actually, I see half of the “toys” in there are actually “house things” that I let them play with in the absence of their actual toys.

Flatlivingroom 29When Chris set the tub of toys down in the living room, it was a toy explosion!  Both kids reaching in, squealing over the things they hadn’t seen in months, and immediately starting to play with everything all at the same time.  Then after a few minutes, they’d dive back in to see what else they’d unearth.  I didn’t bother trying to reign them in a bit, I just let them spread out and enjoy it.  And enjoy it they did.

Stuff 2Stuff 3Stuff 1Stuff 4But there was nothing so sweet as Jayce’s reunion with his various firefighters and rescue heros.  This stuff is serious.

Stuff 5Stuff 6Now that we have our stuff I’ll finish posting about the rest of the flat.  I also got a box with a very pared down assortment of my DIY goodies, and I have been busy trying to put everything to good use.  More soon.

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