Out and About: Richmond Bridge

The first day that we were all in town, we went to Twickenham to see Chris’ office and the campus.  Chelsea had a meeting with the head of their masters program in Sports something.  Training?  (Sorry, I don’t remember.)  After the outing we were all crashing from jet lag so we headed home, slept a bit, and I truly don’t remember what we did the rest of the day or night.  But the next day, we went to Richmond.

Hbath 14

Since that day, we have been back to Richmond a dozen times, Chelsea and I went back two more times just while she was here.  This is the area where we will probably try to move next year.  Because it is amazing, truly.  Luckily it’s only about a 10 minute bus ride, but it’s the type of place I’d like to be walking around in every single day as opposed to just a few days a week.

The main high street has lots of great stores and a wide variety of beautiful restaurants and cafes.  And the parks, oh man.  I need to get some pictures before I talk about the parks, but you can just assume that they are pretty great.Hbath 15

Then there is Richmond Bridge, which is…

Hbath 16


Hbath 17Hbath 18

It goes over a little channel of the Thames River, and it’s so beautiful, people just rent boats and row right on down and enjoy the scenery.

Hbath 21

Or you can eat at one of the many restaurants that are along the river, like this one (on the right) that Chelsea and I were obsessed with because it was beautiful and we wanted to go eat on that elegant patio.  But Chelsea and I were on a mission on this day so it had to wait.

Hbath 19IMG 1001Hbath 20

I, however, was obsessed with these two benches overlooking the water.

Hbath 22

Can you blame me?  Chelsea made fun of me (a little)but I thought they were so adorable and quaint.  A little grassy knoll at the top of a hill, overlooking the river, with weeping willows and bright green grass in the background.  I just wanted to get a book and a cup of coffee and curl up there for an hour.  Or sit there with Chris, stare over the rive, and people watch.  Or take pictures of my kids on them.  Or get someone to take pictures of me and my kids on them.  You get the picture.

Hbath 23

Hbath 24

Hbath 25

I’ll have to write more about Richmond later.  I originally started to in this post, but when I was looked through my pictures, I realized that they were all of the bridge.  So the bridge it is! 

Happy Monday, and happy first full week of Jayce at school.  That will be my next post. 🙂

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  1. oh my word, erin–BREATH TAKING!!!!!
    i LOVE the thames. and the boats. and, joining you in obsessing over the benches…..
    happy full-week of school! (=

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