Now that the weather has turned warm and glorious, we are spending most of our time outside.  If Jayce had his way, we would never come inside.  Ever since he got his new sandals at the onset of the warmth a few weeks ago, as soon as he gets up in the morning he brings them to me, still in his pjs, saying either “shoe, shoe, shoe” or “outside, outside,” over and over.

Since Jayce is obsessed with golf and golf clubs, some good friends of ours recently cut down an adult golf club for him.  He loves it and grabs it immediately when we leave the house, so we’ve been spending a good amount of time golfing around here.2010_04_12_8161

His form isn’t great since he’s still getting used to the weight of this club, which is considerably different than his plastic clubs, but he is always teeing off.

2010_04_12_8175 We do lots of swinging.


We mow, usually on the sidewalk (of course). 


Jayce wears his new hat, even though it’s so big that it often falls over his eyes.  Luckily he has a set of ears that keep it from going too far awry. 🙂

2010_04_14_8233 But it is kind of hard to see the planes going by.  Poor thing.


He also has his glasses.  And by that I mean, my old broken sunglasses.  I’ve said before how my boy loves his accessories, and also to do whatever his dad and I are doing.  Therefore, since I always have sunglasses on outside he insists on a pair for himself as well.  He doesn’t mind that they don’t have lenses, and will wear them for our walks cracking Chris and I up along the way.


This is the picture that will make me really sad while we’re away.  I love this crazy little kid.


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  1. What a great, great look he's sporting in that last photo! Love it! Those are the things high school graduation parties are made of. 🙂 So sweet!

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