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I mentioned last week that one of the best ways that I can manage both kids once is to take them outside. Jayce can use up some of his boundless energy, Hannah falls asleep comfortably in the warmth of the sun, and I can enjoy and keep an eye on both fairly easily. But when Chris gets home, it’s better.

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Then I can get pictures of Jayce, not just playing, but being played with.

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If Chris is holding Hannah, it frees me up to get different pictures of the action than I normally have. Of Hannah snoozing on her dad’s arm,

Picnik collagejh

or close ups.

Outside 6

(I hope our little girl gets these these long thick lashes. I have no idea where they came from, but hope the boy of the family doesn’t hog them.)

Outside 7

Chris’ presence also allows me to grab my camera in the first place.


Pretty soon Chris and Jayce will be in school, Hannah will be hitting all sorts of milestones, and our lazy summer of doing nothing but hanging out and trying to figure out our new normal will become a faint memory. So I’m glad to be able to grab my camera and capture the memory of these warm days when we had nothing to do but hang out together.

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Linking to the Weiglands, and Embrace the Camera.

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