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It has been in the 70s for 3 days now.

Last Monday there was 3 inches of snow on the ground, but now we are pretending it’s summer. We’ve been outside to play, but there is nothing that kicks off the summer season in my mind like a walk around the block.

I think this is because for the past 3 years, Jayce and I take at least 1 walk around the block every week day during the summer. The first year I pulled him in the wagon, the next year he pushed his lawnmower, last year he rode his bike. This year we headed out with the bike, the stroller, and a sister.

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Jayce forgot a few of the things that he knew when he did it almost every day. Like where he needs to pedal fast to not get stuck on the broken sidewalk or a gentle slope. Or how to turn around on the narrow sidewalk. Or the need to immediately apply the brake on our sloped driveway so that he doesn’t go speeding into the street. But he remembered the important stuff.

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And he paused to give me his best Blue Steel and show me his muscles.

It was Hannah’s first front facing stroller ride and she loved it. I don’t know if it was the warm wind, or the scenery, or Jayce riding out in front of us, but she did the happy baby bounce almost the whole time, kicking her feet excitedly.

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After our walk we all headed out back.

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Bubbles, running, stick eating, pacifier to prevent stick eating, stick shaking, giggling.

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Feet without socks, toes in the grass, DQ that night for dessert, and pretending like it’s June. Perfect.

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  1. It has truly been amazing. I can taste summer and it sure is sweet. : )

    Those toe pics are precious. And I have to say that Hannah's arms are the best! Perfect.

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