Perfect Pumpkin

I am typically a bit gun shy about carving pumpkins, mostly because I can’t come up with a creative face or interesting design to save my life. So this year I opted to paint instead. I LOVE the result! Anyone else enjoy a little argyle?

The obsessive compulsive side of me first started off with some painter’s tape to try to keep the lines clean, but it just wasn’t really working. I tried a stencil but it shifted around a lot, and the pumpkin was too round for the paper to lay flat enough for that to work well. So I ended up free handing it and it worked great! If my lines started looking crooked, I could just wipe off that section and start again. 


I got so excited about painting that I attacked this little guy too. As soon as I can get my hands on another bigger pumpkin I’m planning to paint our name on it. I’ll be sure to get a picture of that too, of course.


I am so fond of our new arrangement that it is now front and center on the table, and my twiney ball centerpiece got bumped to the breakfast bar. Chris thinks the big pumpkin is a little too preppy, but I think the part of him that likes Gap and Starbucks actually really likes it. 

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9 thoughts on “Perfect Pumpkin

  1. I love the argyle pumpkin! I'm plannig an "AA" (argyle annonmous) post on my blog tomorrow and would love to use it! (linked back of course!) I just might make one today……Sooo adorable!!

  2. This is so stinking cute Erin! I'm very impressed and now inspired to paint a pumpkin. And I might copy your idea…again. I still have yet to try the twine balls…

    though at a little fair this weekend I saw a similar idea on some empty glass bottles/carafes…VERY cute. Another idea you may want to try and mix with the balls? 🙂

  3. I think the category for this post, rather than "attempts…" should be, "Ways I rock being crafty and domestic." Just a suggestion.

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