Chris and Jayce have a little game that they invented one day while I was out taking pictures for something. Basically, they gather up all of the pillows in the house, make a huge pile just off of our bed and jump into them.


They started into this game the other day, even though they weren’t alone, and then called Mom, Chelsea and I all in to watch. But Jayce wanted the stage all to himself, instructing Chris to sit down with us to watch instead of egging him on and suggesting new jumps.


There is a bellyflop, a summersault, dives and “very very high” jumps. I’m probably missing some. I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with the air that he got in these pictures! We were all cracking up, especially him. He doesn’t normally have such a large and captive audience.


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2 thoughts on “Performing

  1. I love it. He's starting to look so tall and skinny. Watch out pre-k ladies, here come Jayce and Eli, the tall, dark (Eli: semi dark) and handsome!!!

    I am also VERY impressed with his drawing abilities. Seriously, those are some advanced skills.

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