Photo An Hour

7:00. Snuggle.Photoanhour 18:00.  She thinks that if she shows me, we can pretend she’s allowed to play with this.

Photoanhour 2Hannahpen9:00.  A friend stops by with some “get well soon” goodies for me and the kids, including wine and chocolate.

Photoanhour 510:00.  Jayce steps away from the tv and I show him his surprise.

Photoanhour 6Sometimes he shares, sometimes he doesn’t.

Photoanhour 7Photoanhour 811:00.  Stickers and activity books.

Photoanhour 9Photoanhour 10Photoanhour 1112:00. Living room chaos.

Photoanhour 131:00. Hot lunch.

Photoanhour 142:00.  Chapstick attacks: Hannah-2, Chapstick-0.

Photoanhour 15Photoanhour 203:00. Scissors and watching.

Photoanhour 16Photoanhour 17Photoanhour 184:00. Hats!

Photoanhour 195:00.  Running.  Rolling her arms like in “Pat A Cake” while she runs.Run6:00. Dinner.  Genuinely excited about the salad.

Photoanhour 217:00. Hanna finds my hat and the mirror.Photoanhour 24Photoanhour 258:00. I suddenly feel terrible, skip the kids’  baths, let Jayce lay on the couch with me and play Angry Birds, and eventually I put him to bed and fall asleep alongside him for the night.

Chris went home on Thursday to attend the funeral of his sweet sweet Grandma Louise.  The kids were sick and I was super sick, so we had to send him alone.

These photos are from Saturday, home all day, bored but busy, playing, snuggling, resting, and eager for daddy to return. 

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  1. I am off facebook for the time being, and didnt know about Chris's grandmother. So sorry for you guys and his family. Hope you all are feeling better, I know this must have been a rough weekend for all of you.Love you guys!

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