Pigtails 3

Why is it that these little things, which are meant to be functional more than anything else, are just so amazing the first time that they appear?

Pigtails 2

I don’t know.  But they are. Just, so, amazing.

Pigtails 4Pigtails 5And a single pony tail, even if slightly out of focus, almost did me in.  She couldn’t get within 5 feet of me without me running over to smother her neck in kisses.  Ponytail 1We’ll see how long this lasts.  But for now, we’re enjoying pony tails, one 30 second stint at a time.

2 thoughts on “Pigtails

  1. SO CUTE! I'm excited for a time we can put willows hair in pigtails. Her hair is super curly at the back so its difficult. Hannah has so much hair now! have a wonderful new year B x

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