Pitcher & Piano, AKA A Dinner 8 Months in the Making

Hbath 19I think by now I’ve mentioned a million or so times how often we head over to Richmond.  The first week we were here we went with Chelsea to show her around, do some shopping, sight see, etc.  As we were walking over the bridge we caught sight of this restaurant (above picture, with the white stone banister), and vowed to go there when she came to visit.  So it was the first place we went.

Pitcherpiano 5Pitcherpiano 3Chris and I have been here before just the two of us, and the food is good.  But the obvious attraction is the beautiful riverfront view, and on this warm Friday night it was hopping.  Luckily, the kids were entertained easily.  Hannah with Chelsea’s ice water and straw, and Jayce with Grandma’s phone.  It was perfect.Pitcherpiano 10Pitcherpiano 11Pitcherpiano 4Pitcherpiano 13ChdrinkPitcherpiano 6The food was good, but the highlight was after dinner.  A boardwalk, an ice cream van, a wall to be walked on, beautiful trees, a setting sun, etc.  

Riverfront 1Riverfront 2Riverfront 3Riverfront 6Riverfront 5Riverfront 7Riverfront 9Riverfront 8Riverfront 11Riverfront 13Riverfront 15Riverfront 14Riverfront 16Riverfront 18Riverfront 19Riverfront 20Riverfront 21JtreescolorRiverfront 28JtreesbwRiverfront 29Riverfront 30Riverfront 31Good night Richmond river front, we’ll see you again soon.

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