Pittard Wedding

We went to Louisville last weekend for Chris to do the wedding of some good family friends. This would be the part where I would normally have a picture of Chris marrying our friends, but I do not have a picture like that. A tiny glimpse of why could be revealed in this picture. A blur of Jayce.


Or maybe this one, which we’ll call, “See ya Mom!”


Jayce is normally a pretty well-behaved kid. He typically has a good sense of boundaries and minds us pretty well, but it was all out the door on this ocassion. Now I’m obviously aware that he is only 2 years old, and at the beginning of 2, not close to turning 3. But he was like a wild hellion of a 2 year old at this wedding and reception.

He was constantly running. I took him outside and he ran towards the street. I took him inside and he ran into people, all over the room, away from us. I picked him up and he did that “sideways fling out of your arms while screaming” thing. He wiped out big time, twice, but as soon as he stopped crying he started running again.


He got marched out of the room a few times by Chris and I both. He got spanked, he got “talked to,” he “Yes, ma’am” and “Yes, sir’d,” and then went right back at it as soon as we unleashed him again. We left early and exhausted.

When we drove home the next day, he was fine. He sat happily in his seat, reading his books, playing with his cars, and watching a movie. He played well in the play area at Chick Fil A, and didn’t fuss when it was time to leave. He was happy to be home and ran around pulling out his favorite toys, but playing with them sweetly. Chris and I talked about how we were so glad that we brought home Dr Jekyll instead of Mr Hyde.

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