Planes, Delays, and Disney-Bound

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Just over a week ago, we boarded a series of planes to bring us stateside for a quick 3-ish week visit.  3 weeks always sounds like a good chunk of time, but never is quite enough to visit both families, friends that are spread all over, and have a little beach vacation time just us 4.  But we do our best to make the most of it, and this trip is no exception.

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We headed to the airport early and ended up with several delays.  We had breakfast, had another round of breakfast, bought snacks and magazines, and eventually boarded our first flight.

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The flight was okay.  It wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great.  Our 4 seats were divided up so that Chris and I each had one of the kids, and we were right in front of the other.  I started off with Hannah, found Frozen quickly on the movie menu and she was ready to go.  Her headphones kept falling down, so I had to stuff my cardigan underneath the band to keep them in place.  This was her first real experience with headphones, and I laughed at her unawareness of her own personal volume level while they were on.  Over the noise of the plane and the full volume of her movie, she shouted every random comment about what she was seeing, every request, and every song.  That monkey.  She was a handful when she was with me and shortly after I passed her back to Chris she fell asleep.  Lucky guy.

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Unfortunately Jayce had a little bit of a rough trip.  He had been playing some on the LeapPad, some with legos, and reading some of his magazine, and by the time he moved up beside me his face was pale, he was a little limp, and he informed me that he had “travel sickness.”  I escorted him, bag over his mouth, to the bathroom where we hung out for the next half hour or so.  But eventually his stomach settled, he calmed down, and we had a pretty decent rest of the trip.

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Hannah re-joined me and we dove into some coloring.  In case you’re wondering, if your “flat surface” for coloring has a little bit of an incline and you don’t want your crayons to roll away, putting them into mom’s shoe will keep them accessible and off the floor.)
When we reached Newark, we discovered that our morning delays meant that we had missed our connecting flights, and we would not be hanging out there for 6 hour until we could board the next flight to Orlando.  But when we got closer to our boarding time, some storms rolled in, and we were delayed an additional 1 1/2 hours.  For the last hour I loaded Hannah into her stroller and pushed her around until she fell asleep, but other than that we ate dinner, claimed a little section of chairs as our own and let the kids do whatever they wanted to keep them and us sane.  Legos on multiple chairs, play dough on the ground, snacks and then ice cream, whatever.  (We cleaned up obviously, but at this point we had been up for about 24 hours and were slightly delirious.)

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But eventually we arrived, checking into our hotel around 2 am US time, which was about 7 am London time.  Yuck.  But we were there!  We stayed at the Art of Animation Resort which was full of sketches and characters from the Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Cars, and the Lion King.  I think you can tell which building our particular hotel room was themed after.  The kids enthusiastically bounced into our bedroom and then each fell asleep immediately as soon as they were horizontal.   

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We did the same.