When we first moved into our home I was 36 weeks pregnant, and the emphasis was entirely on getting the house as functional as possible, especially with the possibility of the baby arriving at any moment.  When the movers brought in boxes of various decor, photos, even toys, I directed it all down into the basement until we were ready to deal with it.  What needed to be done was beds with sheets, an assembled crib, dishes in cupboards, clothing in drawers, etc.

Michael and Hannah 1Michael and Hannah 6

It has only been in the past few weeks, since coming on the other side of labor and delivery/ newborn/ hospital/ and post-hospital that I have looked around and started re-evaluating and rearranging the various spaces and trying to make sure that they are working best for us.

Michael and Hannah 3

Michael’s nursery is an awesome and huge room.  It houses his crib, dresser, rocker, changing table, and a big pull out bed for our guests.

Also, it’s freaking freezing in there because it is above the garage.

Michael and Hannah 10Michael and Hannah 14

I’m not too worried about the cold at the moment.  We have always kept the new babies in our bedroom with us for the first 5-6 months, and with all that has happened with Michael we wouldn’t want him too far away anyway.  By the time that he is old enough and ready to be shifted up to his own room we will be in a warmer season, so it won’t be a problem.  That said, now that he is a few months old he needed soft space where I could spread out some of the essential tummy time things, preferably not in the middle of the living room floor.  So I set up a little corner for him in our bedroom.

Michael and Hannah 4Michael and Hannah 9

Our room seems to have a mini nursery anyway, with his pack n play, glider, and changing pad, so it makes sense.

Michael and Hannah 7Michael and Hannah 16Michael and Hannah 8

Last week while he was sleeping I grabbed a shelf from my sewing room, his quilt and a few toys and books, Jayce’s old mobile from the basement, and set up this little play area for him.

Michael and Hannah 2

I have a small string of brightly colored felt balls hung up next to his changing pad that he loves to stare and coo at, so I strung some more of those on the old plastic frame from Jayce’s mobile, and attached it to a basket that holds a few blankets in our room so that it would dangle just over him. There is a small floor mirror, some musical toys, and some bright colors to attempt to lure him out of the misery that is tummy time.

And it’s working!!

Michael and Hannah 17Whenever Hannah is home she is in on it.  I know I’ve said it before, but that girl just loves her brother so hard!  She has so much enthusiasm that we are still struggling some days to keep her from smothering him, but we know that it comes from a good place, and also that it’s a pretty short time until he will be able to hold his own.  Until then I can count on her laying down beside him for tummy time, repeating whatever I say, singing, reading the stories to him, and giving him so many kisses.

Michael and Hannah 12Michael and Hannah 11One this day she was unhappy with me because she had run over to my camera and shoved this little mini record up onto my camera lens because she wanted me to get a picture of it.  I had to explain to her that I couldn’t take it’s picture unless she held it back just a little bit, and she was so unhappy about the whole exchange that obviously I had to get a picture of her face instead.  But then she laid out one of Michael’s blankets to use as a dance floor, starting dancing, and all was forgotten.

Michael and Hannah 18Michael and Hannah 19I imagine this post is a little random, but sometimes that is how things go when I have my camera out.  Whatever happens I manage to capture suddenly become worthy of having their story told.

And here is a little clip of my big sister in action.