Plotting His Escape

One of the great things about having a video monitor is being able to check in on Jayce without walking into the room and disturbing whatever he is doing, especially when he’s falling asleep. But the times that I love this monitor the most, are when we see him doing something hilarious, like this. Chelsea and I were cracking up watching him roll around in his crib doing the usual baby stuff, and then occasionally roll onto his stomach, pull the bumper pad down and peer over the side to survey his nursery.

I sometimes imagine that Jayce is a bit like Stewie from the Family Guy; an adult brain in a baby’s body who is just playing along with the whole ‘life of a baby’ facade. There are so many times when I am doing something dumb to amuse Jayce, he gives me a sly little smile, and I wonder if he’s really thinking about how easy it is to make his mom act completely ridiculous. He also has this furrowed brow expression that he has been using since he was just a few days old, which makes him look like he’s a bit skeptical about whatever is going on at the time. Anyway, it certainly looked like he was trying to figure out a way out of his crib that afternoon, but being that he can’t crawl, walk or stand just yet, I’m not too worried.