Pneumonia Blues

Jayce has pneumonia. It is incredibly sad. The worst part is that his chest has been so congested that he seems to just choke for no reason. He also chokes easily when he’s eating, and when we’re holding him we can feel the gunk rattling around in his chest as he inhales and exhales, and is too young to understand that he needs to cough and can’t be prompted to do so.

Jayce became congested on Thursday and I called the dr Friday to see if they had any suggestions for things I could do to help him breathe more easily. They ended up telling me to bring him in right away so that they could rule out bronchitis, but instead the dr found pneumonia! We got some antibiotics and scheduled a re-check for Monday. On Monday the dr thought that he was sounding worse, and gave us more antibiotics to add to the mix. We’re going back tomorrow, and hopefully he’ll have improved significantly. He’s already doing better since we started him on the second antibiotics, so we hope he keeps going in that direction.

The saddest part of the dr visit was that Jayce had to get a chest x-ray and had to sit in this infant immobilizer to do so. It was basically this plastic tube that wrapped snugly around his body to keep his arms in the air and him from wiggling around while they took the x-rays. He looked so pitiful while they were doing it but didn’t fuss or cry. Both Friday and Monday’s technicians commented how amazed they were that he didn’t cry, and they couldn’t remember the last time they’d had a baby that didn’t. They might say this to everybody, but it just made me feel worse for Jayce that he was so lethargic that he just didn’t bother. I stood in front of him holding his arms straight up, and he just looked around the room (as much as he could) looking miserable. Poor guy!

(Found this pic on the internet, it is not Jayce. I just wanted to show this terribly sad contraption.) He seems to be on the mend now so we’re hoping for the best!

One thought on “Pneumonia Blues

  1. We are praying for Jayce.
    Sorry we couldn’t get together this week, but totally understood. Owen has a little flu bug. I would not have wanted to share that with your family. It came late Wednesday. He is still lethargic.

    Can’t wait to get together for dinner in the new year. We need to set a date soon!

    Talk to you soon.

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