Pool Time

We spent last week in Destin, FL with Chris’ family and had a blast! I was so excited about taking Jayce swimming! We had taken him to Florida last year but he was only 7 weeks old at the time, so he was still in that stage where he needed to be kept completely out of the sun, and not really old enough to be any more interested in Florida than he was in anywhere else.

Our little pool baby was a little more impressed this year than last, but only a little. He was more interested in playing with us, his aunts and uncle than the water itself, and didn’t really do a ton of splashing or anything. I think that now that he is walking and into everything, being in the water just limited him and he wanted to get out so that he could run around. It was still fun though, we enjoyed swimming around with him and his Aunt Melanie even got him to kick in the water. I think if we had a bit more time than he would have warmed up to it all more, so we’ll see how he does this summer when he has some more pool time.