Poor Baby

Chris and I are slightly fortunate that when Jayce gets sick he doesn’t fuss. There is no crying, night waking or irritability. On one hand this is great, because obviously it is convenient for us. But on the other hand it’s terrible, because we often don’t realize that Jayce is sick until he’s very sick.

A few months ago Jayce had a double ear infection, and his only symptom was 8 days or so of a runny nose. He smiled at the student doctor who was observing as our doctor checked his second ear, and said, “Aww, this one is really red. “

“He hasn’t been fussy at all and didn’t have a fever or anything…I didn’t know…” I attempted to explain that I was neither negligent nor an idiot.

“Well he’s awfully happy for being so sick. I’ve never seen a baby with a double ear infection in this good of a mood,” commented the student doctor. “Yes, he’s always this happy. Even when he had pneumonia,” agreed our doctor.

I am always trying to find the balance between being that mom that calls the doctor on the day a runny nose appears, and a mom that knows that there won’t be many symptoms with an illness. Yesterday I took Jayce to the doctor, again due to a long running nose. Turns out he has another ear infection, just on one side this time luckily.

Later that day Jayce was crawling around and went to lean his head up against the couch and just fell over. He did this twice in a row. As I watched him I remembered several times last week when he was crawling around and forgot to put one of his arms down and kind of crashed. We had laughed, thinking that he had just been really excited about whatever he was going after. But last night it suddenly dawned on me, he has an ear infection, so that’s affecting his balance! He wasn’t tipping over because he was excited, it was because he was sick! How incredibly guilty did we feel last night for laughing about this all week?!!

I quickly rescued my poor baby from his failed attempts at leaning against the couch and tried to alleviate my guilt with lots of rocking, story time and snuggling.

Sorry buddy! Next time we’ll know better!

One thought on “Poor Baby

  1. Erin, I am exactly this way too. The first time this happened we found out Bella had infant asthma. The DR was like, “How long has she had these symtoms?”
    Me: Umm, maybe a month and a half.
    DR: Are you nuts, why didn’t you bring her in????
    Okay, maybe not quite that dramatic, but I felt REALLY ridiculous!!

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