Popsicle Geranium and A Surprise

Orangeger 6This was the first Geranium dress that I made Hannah.  (I showed the fourth and fanciest one yesterday.)  I liked this pattern from the start because it had different options for necklines, sleeves, length, pleats or gathers, etc.  I thought I would start with the easiest combination and work my way towards the more difficult ones.  This definitely was straightforward: sleeveless, plain neckline, and gathered skirt.  I thought it needed just a little something, so I added the pockets and I think it was just right. 

I am almost always drawn to prints in the store, so I think it’s kind of funny that the first thing that I was determined to sew was going to be solid-colored.  But it’s ombre-ish and color-blocked, so that is something I guess.  Once it was finished I couldn’t stop smiling at it.  It looked so summery, like a popsicle.Orangeger 5A perfect dress for running in the sun.Orangeger 1A small detail that no one will care about other than me: when I was looking at my thread I realized that I actually have 3 different orange-pink shades, so I used a different one for each button.  (I know, I know, but it makes me smile. 🙂Orangeger 7Now, how can you not get a picture when your kid is wearing a dress and runs over to “mell” the pretty flowers?Orangeger 4Or stops in her tracks to listen to the birds?Orangeger 3Orangeger 8This was the most still that Hannah stood the whole time that we were at the park, which is fine.  She was investigating a noise in the bushes.Orangeger 9She waited patiently…Orangeger 10and eventually was rewarded for her time.  But as delighted as she was, in theory, it kind of scared her when the cat popped out.  She squealed with delight, and then informed me that she wanted to go home.  So there’s that.

Tomorrow will be a lot more dresses, I’m going to slam you with them all.  Brace yourself.

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