Post-Bedtime Troublemaking

Jayce took a long nap the other day, which was great at the time, and I was grateful for it.  But I knew that it could mean trouble that evening, when he needed to be sleeping.  It was.


At first he wasn’t very tired, so he kept calling us upstairs for one reason or another, as 2 year olds do.  But then he was quiet, very quiet, for about a half hour.  We assumed he had gone to sleep, as parents do when their child is quiet in bed for a while.  But we were wrong, very wrong.


Jayce started yelling for Chris, calling, “Da-ad, wash hands.  Wash hands, Dad!!”  So he went up to check on him.


He hadn’t been sleeping.  Not at all.  He had grabbed ahold of his box of toiletries that sits on his changing table and pulled them into his bed.  Every bottle of lotion and medicine had been opened, including a big tub of Vaseline.


So he did, what I guess any kid his age would do in such a situation.  He painted himself in it.  He smeared it all over his crib rails in huge globs.  More globs littered the crib sheets.  The blankets and bears were covered, as was the carpet and…well…everything!


We’re still finding it everywhere.  Some on the bathroom floor, some on the wall, under the crib rails, etc.  I think in the initial panic/cleanup session we were so busy taking care of the big globs and getting the crib to be suitable for bedtime again, that we weren’t cautious enough with the small smears.  I even have most of the stains out of everything by now.  Most of them.


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4 thoughts on “Post-Bedtime Troublemaking

  1. I can totally relate. My son is the same age as Jayce and he gets into all kinds of trouble. How hard was it to get the Vaseline off his hair? lol.

    Love reading your blog!

  2. Wow! One of those moments that is crazy at the time but you will laugh about later. I guess they all have to have one of those crazy times sooner or later. He is too cute with "product" in his hair! : )

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