Potty Trained

Hannah s potty 1

I haven’t written much about this on here yet, (I don’t think?), because I was almost afraid to admit that it had happened.  But now that a month has passed and all has gone pretty smoothly, we can finally celebrate a little bit.
There is also the issue of “how much information is Too Much Information” for a topic like this.  I promise there will  be no gory details.  With Jayce I recorded the first attempt, crushing failure, and apparent miracle of potty training, and I’ve appreciated being able to read back over the details, so here are some of the details for Hannah.
Also, this week we were watching Erin Brockovich on TV, and after the part where her daughter says her first word, Chris turned to me and asked if I remember what Hannah’s first word was.  I don’t.  It might be on the blog somewhere, hopefully I’ve recorded it, but at the moment all that I remember is a time when she wasn’t talking, and how at some point before she was 2 she opened her mouth and full sentences came out.  (I would like to blame 2nd child syndrome or something like that for not remembering, but I think the truth lies in her not having slept through the night until she was almost 2, so I was partially delirious for almost 2 years from never having 3+ sucessive hours of sleep.  But I digress.)

Anyway, one week last October Hannah started talking about how she wanted a tiny purple potty.  I got her one along with this book.  We rarely read it because it uses “potty phrases” that we don’t use, like “making a wee” or “doing a poo” or calling a diaper a “nappy.”  I had no intention of starting to say these things so that she could relate to the character in the story, so we pretty much abandoned the book immediately.  Hannah does like to read it occasionally to push the button that cheers for the little girl, and I guess the pictures do the trick.

Halloween Day 4

When we got the potty Hannah went a few times, whenever we set her on it, but didn’t really stay dry in between.  We didn’t push the matter and kept her mostly in a diaper.  She did #2 on the potty once and when she saw it was a little traumatized and wanted nothing at all to do with the potty after that.  We put it away for a few months and didn’t really bring it up.
A few months went by and one week in December she started noticing when her diaper was wet.  She would go a substantial amount, realize that her diaper was full, and walk over to me asking for a clean diaper.  
The Sunday of the next week she woke up, Chris took her out of her diaper and put her on her potty.  She went.  We put her in under ware and about 40 minutes later we put her on the potty and she went again.  We did this all day.  At some point in the early afternoon she got up on her own, ran to the potty, and went.  About 30 minutes later she did it again.  
She stayed dry all day.  

Hannah 18

I felt like the real success indicator was that she realized that she needed to go on her own.  She was dry all day, out of nowhere.  Wow.
We spent the next 2 days mostly around the house other than taking Jayce to and from school.  She had been sick over the weekend so it made sense, and it worked great for following up on such a successful Sunday.  Sometimes I was reminding her to go, and sometimes she was going on her own, but she was having no accidents.  
Then we were at a friend’s house for the day.  She stayed dry, using their little potty whenever she needed to, and remembering on her own to go.
The next few days we were out running errands and she stayed dry with the help of a portable potty, which is an incredible little thing.  At some points during the week she started staying dry during her naps as well.

Hannah 9

The second week was successful as well, though she was sometimes not completely dry before she realized she needed to use the potty.  But for the most part we’ve just moved forward.  She wears under ware all day, including during her naps, and is doing all of her business in the potty, and all of the #2 in the “big potty.”  She’s been dry through the night almost every night, but we still put her in diapers just in case, mostly because we have a ton of them on hand.  This is what has surprised me the most because Jayce struggled with being dry overnight until he was 3 1/2 or almost 4, but she seemed to get it all at once!  I know people say girls are typically easier to potty train than boys, and this has definitely been the case for us, by a landslide.
And now that I have officially “recorded” her potty training success, I can let myself off the hook for having no idea what her first word was.
Although, let’s be honest.  I’m sure it was mama.  We’re going with that.

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  1. i am so very, very jealous. potty training timmy so traumatized me that i have really not pushed tyler to start at all. i thought he was interested a while back and bought a potty, looking through my amazon orders for something else recently, i saw that was last july! he still refuses to go anywhere near it!

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