Pre-Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentines Day has never been a huge celebration around our house, but having a little one who is old enough to take part and get excited bumps it up on my priority list quite a bit.

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So last week, Jayce and I got busy making Valentines. We colored paper, stamped hearts, drew lines, and then cut our paper into hearts. I got a few sweet pictures of my little guy, printed them out and attached them to the cards. Then we put them in the mail to our Valentines.

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We also started what might be a new Valentine tradition, sort of a spring version of our Halloween tradition, and took cookies up to Chris’ class. We always do this in the fall, and apparently some of the students in Chris’ spring class were asking if Jayce could deliver Valentine or Easter cookies, and though I was slightly annoyed at first (they can’t ask for them, geeze!), I got over it quickly and decided that we would oblige. The original idea behind this was that since Jayce was too young to celebrate Halloween with his own class, that he could dress up and celebrate with dad’s class for a few years. But I’m a little worried that next year when Jayce is in preschool and can take cookies to his own class, that Chris’ class will be requesting them too and I’ll be making cookies all day long. Oh well, I guess I have plenty of time to practice up.

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Jayce was the happiest little helper. I was not the happiest cooker by the end of it. On this day, Jayce decided not to take his nap, and it was one of those days where I really needed him to!! But that also meant I didn’t get to roll out and cook the cookies while he was asleep, so he “helped” with every single stage of cookie-making from scratch. Mixing ingredients, rolling out dough, cutting shapes, icing and sprinkling. His enthusiasm and energy definitely surpassed mine that morning/afternoon.

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But we did end up with a huge beautiful batch of cookies for class. I have been trying out lots of different sugar cookie recipes these past few years, and this year I tried Patrice’s recipe, which you can see here, and it was the best by far!!

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When I mentioned to one of my friends that we were taking Valentine cookies to Chris’ class, she asked, “So, what is he going to wear?” which I hadn’t even thought about. I have never given him a Valentine shirt before, but he had never been a Valentine cookie delivery boy before. I knew he had a red t-shirt that was about to be too small, so I pulled that out and made this cute little “boyish” Valentine shirt. I showed it to Chris and explained, “I know that it’s red with a big heart, but it has trucks all over it, so it’s boyish. It’s like it says, ‘I love trucks’.” Chris was not convinced, but I was. And he was the cutest delivery boy ever.

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Jayce carried the cookies in a little Valentine bucket, ran across the classroom to Chris as soon as he saw him through the door, stood on the table in the fornt of the class and told them all, “Happy Balentine’s Day!” several times. It was great.

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  1. LOVE the flour in his hair! So classic!

    And, um, made THAT shirt really quick. Shut up, you crafty goddess. Just shut up.

    I would have cut a red heart out of construction paper and used scotch tape on a white undershirt. If I was the kind of person who took cookies to people. Which I'm not. šŸ™‚

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