Preschool Part 2: The Reality

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We took Jayce over to school for what I thought was an open house, but it ended up being a mini-school day.

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We met up with one of his little buddies right away.  They were so cute, they had just hugged when I took this picture!  (Now, granted, it was on at the suggestion of the moms, but still they did it!  There will be a day where they are too cool to hug their friends, but this was not the day.)

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It was really busy once we got to the hallway where Jayce classroom was, and he got a little nervous.  I carried him in the room, and once he was in there he jumped down and was fine.  He gave his teacher her pictures right away and then busied himself coloring.

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At story time he sat with his two friends.  I wonder if they will be the three little musketeers or something?  I’m not sure why they were all holding hands, but it was pretty cute.

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They read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then passed around the little stuffed caterpillar.  Each child said their name and then their favorite food.  Jayce declared apples as his favorite food.  The boy does love apples.

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They played on the playground,

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had a snack in the cafeteria,

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and even went for a ride on the school bus.

It was so cute because they are all so tiny on that big bus.  Jayce stood on his seat, waved and yelled, “Hi Mom!” and then sat down, disappearing completely from my view.

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It was a hit.

When I took him in on Tuesday for the first real school day, there was no nervousness outside the door.  Not for him anyway.  He ran in and started playing.

I went to tell him goodbye, that I was leaving and I would be back to pick him up in a little bit.  I imagine that I should have snuck away, but I kind of felt like I should draw to his attention that I was leaving so that he wouldn’t look up at some point, realize that I wasn’t there and freak out.  It turns out that there was no reason for me to worry.  He so busy the whole morning that he never had a chance to stop and assess the situation, or maybe he did and realized that it was just fine with him.

Chris drove us over for moral support, for me, and then came home and fixed me some coffee.  I only cried a little bit, snuggled Hannah a lot, called a good friend, and then was ready to pick him up again.

He loved it, was EXHAUSTED, and wanted to go back immediately after he woke up from his nap.  Today’s drop off was less traumatic for me, and I think we are all going to make it.



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  1. OMG – that second picture is the cutest thing I've ever seen… Wonderful stories, love you guys so so much!!

    PS – are these with your new camera?? do tell!

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