Preschool Things


1.) Jayce got his first yellow light at school last week. “Yellow light,” as in slow down. I did not notice until his co-chatter-er’s mom mentioned it to me. I guess this is what happens when you’re in class with your best buddy. 🙂

We’re not overly concerned. Wait, he was talking a lot? Have you ever met his dad?

Who am I kidding? I got in trouble for excessive talking in school as well.

We did talk to him about it, briefly. He is only a 3 year old, but even 3 year olds need to listen to their teacher.

Also, I don’t really have this sheet hung on our fridge, that was just for the picture. But I did keep it.


2.) I also kept this sheet, which helpfully informed me about Jayce’s response to fire safety awareness week.

I asked the teacher about this in our conference last week. She said not to worry, he didn’t cry like a few of the other children did, just stayed under the table the whole time that the firemen were there. Apparently the firemen put on all of their gear to show the children what they would look like, so that they wouldn’t be afraid of the firemen in the case of a real fire. I wouldn’t say that this was entirely effective, kids hiding under the table and crying and such. But a good idea nonetheless.


3.) Preschool pictures. We got them. When we first got the paperwork announcing the date for school pictures, Chris said, “You don’t want to get school pictures, do you?” to which I replied, “Chris, have you ever met me?” Obviously I wanted them. Pictures are important to me, even this kind of picture. I am a little surprised that we got a smile (ish) out of him. My preschool pictures are really cute because I’m just kind of showing my bottom teeth, in a this is a smile, right? sort of way. It’s a funny reflection of the sweet awkwardness of this age. Anyway, you’re probably thinking 2 things.

#1. Wow, what a cutie, etc. 🙂

#2. The background is light blue and pink diagonal striped!! Seriously?!

I don’t expect much out of school pictures, truly. But this is that color scheme and pattern that was on everyone’s wallpaper in the early 90s! I think we had it in our kitchen and bathroom. It’s pretty bad, right? Or are everyone’s school pictures like this?

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3 thoughts on “Preschool Things

  1. The background is horrible…..couldn't believe it either! And no, they are not all this way. District 27 has a much better background!

    Love that Eli makes it on every daily report.

  2. Such cute little preschool reports. What a fun thing to save!

    Also, his school picture is adorable. I did the same thing. Jason and I practically had a fight about it because I told him I wanted them and he said, "You take 500 pictures of them a day, why do you want school pictures that you know will be bad?" I just got the cheapest package and I am so happy I did. They are cute and I love them! It's a different kind of picture that I just couldn't miss out on. : )

  3. Oh, and we got to actually pick the background color so that was cool. Avery's was just a light gray. Jayce's preschool picture taking people need to get with the times! : )

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