In the last few months Jayce has started pretending a lot. In the above picture, he is a bunny rabbit in a cage, obviously.

He often is a Jayce kitty, crawling around on the floor, meowing and speaking in a high “kitty” voice. This transformation often occurs when we’re trying to get him to do something, like come eat dinner.

“Jayce, come here and get in your seat so we can eat.”

As he crumbles to the floor, “No Mom, I a Jayce kitty. Meow, meow.”

I often find myself saying things like, “Jayce, don’t forget, kitties go down the stairs feet first.” It sounds a little funny when it comes out, but it works.

He is often a lion, or a dinosaur. If he is a lion, then he demands that we all be lions, chasing after one another from room to room. But this is only when dad is home. Apparently you can only play “lions” as a trio.

The other day, he was sitting in his chair while I fixed him a sandwich. I glanced up at some of the high pitched “pretend” talking, to see him holding his 2 index fingers up like they were talking to one another.

“A doin’, man?” one finger said to the other.

“I go over there.” it said.

“No no, a not nice! Sit down right there!”

“I sorry.”

He then glanced up and saw me watching him, smiled guiltily and stopped playing. I wanted to ask what the first finger had gotten in trouble over, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have told me. I’m loving this new imagination phase. I know it will only get better.

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