I showed off this knitted cocoon here last month, courtesy of my friend Amanda and her Etsy shop.   But I never showed you any pictures of Hannah in it, so it is about time for that.

Knitted 10Knitted 8

I love how she’s all snuggled inside of it, and just her chubby arms and sweet little hands and fingers are popping out.  Too cute!

Knitted 4Knitted 6

She’s 2 1/2 weeks old in these pictures.  Old enough for a big streeeeeeetch,

Knitted 11Knitted 12

and a little smile. 🙂

Knitted 7

These pictures are with this soft baby bowl.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to get her picture in it, so I tried a few different times.

These are from when she was 2 days, fresh from the hospital.

4days 114days 17

Then again at 5 days.

Prop 1

She was just awake enough to want to stretch her legs, and they kept springing from the bowl for pictures like these, which made me laugh.  :

Prop 2

Day5 10

I tried again at 2 1/2 weeks one day when she was good and milk-drunk, and got just what I was looking for.

Knitted 15

Legs still folded in that newborn way, starting-to-get-round belly, no diaper and luckily her feet were positioned to maintain her modesty. Too sweet.

Knitted 17

What do you think?  Pretty cute, right?

What are your favorite baby photo props?


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  1. All these pictures are so precious but that last one is completely perfect in every way! Nice capture. She is so cute. I want another one.

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