Race Day

(A very short video of Jayce’s races is at the bottom of the post.)

Raceday 1Jayce’s school had their race day last week, which is kind of like a mini-field day.  All of the reception classes had little relays set up, the boys and girls did them separately and only against the kids in their class.  The parents were invited to watch since it was just after drop off, and they had a few lines of chairs set up along the stretch of grass where the races were held.Raceday 2I only got a few pictures because I had 2 toddlers with me that morning and they were very interested in the various types of chaos happening around us.  But they let me get a few, along with some video.  

(Jayce is wearing a black shirt and blue shorts, and on the left side of the middle in the pictures above and below.  It helps to find him before you try to find him in the videos.)Raceday 3As to the races, they were fun, he seemed to have fun, but it confirmed something that Chris and I had already observed at his soccer practices, which is that he seems to have not inherited our competitive drives.  He raced just fine, but without any particular sense of urgency at reaching the finish line before any of his peers.  Raceday 4Raceday 5But he gave it his best shotRaceday 6

I took the picture below after the third race, and even though it’s super blurry, (remember that thing about the 2 toddlers) I love the big smile on his face.  A relatively successful race day, I think.Raceday 7