Racing With Kids

SSP TR A02046  EHLast Sunday Chris ran a half marathon that he has done for the past three years.  We met him at the finish line and he ran in with the kids, as he has done in past years.  Just for kicks,  the previous years’ pictures are below.

SSP CA 032332  EH(2014, and last year’s post)

SSP CA 54903  EH(2013 and that year’s post.)

Also this, from that year, because it is unreal how different they sound in just 2 years.

IMG 6924The kids and I were waiting for Chris as he came around the last bend before the finish line.  He rescued me from an endearing but insanity-inducing game of I spy with the kids.

Jayce: Mom, I spy with my little eye something starting with g and t….give up?  Ginormous tree!!

Hannah: Mom, I spy with my little eye something starting with pretz…that’s right mom!  Pretzel bag!  Well done!

IMG 6926Chris carried Hannah for a little bit but eventually she had to run across the line with him.

IMG 6929Even carrying/running with the kids the last little bit Chris still ran his new personal best race time of just over 1:29. (Sorry, I don’t remember to the second.)  We celebrated sufficiently afterwards with crepes for lunch and the noodle bar for dinner.  But only because we like to support our local businesses…

Congratulations Chris on another job very well done! 🙂

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  1. Great Job Chris! Congrats on completing the the half marathon! That's not easy especially if you carry your kids for part of it. You have a very nice and well organized family blog! Please check out my blog as well if you'd like and don't forget to leave a comment.

    Smiles from California,


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