Raglans: AKA, Shirts for Both Kids

Red Poppy Raglan 5Pink floral raglan collage

I found this pattern at the end of the summer that works for both of my kids.  And I really love it.  I do pattern testing for Kate pretty regularly, I’m doing one now actually, and I just love how she gives you an easy design that you can work so many ways.

Red Poppy Raglan 2Jayce science museum 1

The first time I made this shirt I made this 3/4 sleeve floral top for Hannah.  The first time making a pattern is always a little funny because that is when you figure out how it fits your kid, and if you need to make any adjustments to it in the future.  I think the cuffs are a bit big for her little arms, so  when she wears this I just cuff the cuffs, it works like that, and we’re good to go.

White floral raglan 7

Hannah likes it.  It’s perfect for booty shaking.

White floral raglan 4Red Poppy Raglan 6

The second time I made this I went with a long sleeved option. I made the arms and bodice just a little bit more snug, lengthened the hem a few inches, and cut it with a slight A-line instead of a straight fit.  I also omitted the neck ribbing, and just folded over the fabric around the neck, giving it a little bit of a boatneck feel.  

Red Poppy Raglan 3

It’s so cute.  As soon as I showed it to Chelsea she declared that it is the cutest thing I had ever made for Hannah.  

Red Poppy Raglan 8Red Poppy Raglan 4

When I showed Chelsea Jayce’s shirt, the first thing that she said was, “It looks so good Erin.  It looks like it is from the Gap.”

Which is funny, because it kind of is.

IMG 1891

The middle material is from an old cotton polish type of shirt of Chris’ that he didn’t want anymore, from the Gap.  

It’s the second shirt I’ve made from one of our “still in good shape but always overlooked” shirts, the first one here, and a practice I’m going to try to keep up from time to time.  There are no good places around here for knits, including online, and I cannot beat the price. 🙂

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  1. I have this pattern but haven't sewn it up yet (as is the case for probably 50 patterns I have… fail). I honestly love everything you make. And all the things in your Etsy shop are genius!

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