I have been absent from the blog world for longer than I like to be, and it’s not because we’ve had nothing going on, in fact we’ve been pretty busy. It’s actually due to a little something that I’ve just realized about myself this week, I’m kind of addicted to pictures. The computer that I store our pictures on and has the photo download and editing software has been out of commission for the past week. I have fought off the urge to put the software onto another computer all week, and will hopefully not have to do this much longer.

Anyway, back to the point at hand, I realized that I so much prefer to tell a story with pictures that I’d almost rather not tell it without them. I have been telling Chris for years that I often am disappointed when something mildly monumental goes by and I didn’t have my camera handy, because I feel like now that the moment is gone and we have nothing to remember it by.

Our past few weeks have been filled with some lovely moments that luckily I was able to catch on camera, and will just have to share at a later time.
-Our first trip to the zoo, where a sleepy boy who was barely engaged by most of the animals stood wide-eyed at the polar bears running back and forth and diving into the water.
-My baby and my college roommate’s babies all together in the bathtub after a long hot day. If we all weren’t so tired and had been thinking more about the photo op, we could have made sure that they all had suds in their hair. But really I’m just glad that she had grabbed her camera because it was really cute!
-Chris tickling Jayce’s nose with a flower at the park.
-An overalls clad baby exploring the grass and sticks in our backyard, and breaking into a huge grin whenever the bright yellow head of a dandelion broke through the sea of green and brown.
-Justin playing the piano while he and Jayce sat mutually transfixed watching the hammers hit the strings.

More sweet moments still to come.