Rapunzel in Heels

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In less than a month we’ll be headed to Disney World, the first time that the kids and I have ever been there, and Chris’ first time in over a decade.  So when we were thinking about birthday presents this year I decided to bite the bullet and get Hannah an official Disney princess dress, and I went for Rapunzel.  

Completely separately than that, I got her this little pair of glittery purple heels.  I wish they weren’t fuzzy, but, whatever, they aren’t for me.  She was crazy over them.Rapunzel 1Rapunzel 3
Once she was in her heels I brought down her dress, “wrapped” in one of Chris’ suit bags.  Check out the look on her face when she unzipped the bag!
Rapunzel 5
The next picture (below) is blurry because she is literally jumping up and down over this new dress.  She kept saying, “Daddy, can I wear that purple dress?!” 
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Not only is this a beautiful purple dress, but it plays Rapunzel singing her song as well.  Jayce was happy to point this out to her and she tried it out for herself many times since then.
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Rapunzel 10
Such a happy cheesy grin!  I love this girl.
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I hope you can see (in the picture above) that Chelsea is coaching Hannah on how to curtsy in front of the mirror.  Sometimes Chelsea goes all Dance Moms on Hannah, but usually she’s pretty mellow.  
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This dress is the real deal, full and fun, and puffs up around her like a little purple cupcake when she sits down on the floor.  She loves it.  
Rapunzel 20
 We took her dress off of her at nap time that day, but it was back on as soon as she was up, along with this adorable princess crown that my friend knitted her.  It’s it amazing?!  I love it.  Perfectly fit for a birthday princess. 🙂

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