Resume Warp Speed

On Tuesday morning we found out that our visas has been approved and would be in our possession on Wednesday.

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I was at a friend’s house when Chris told me the news.  She said, “Well, what now?”  I said, “Well, now we go to London.”

The visa approval is what we were waiting on before we did any of the “moving forward with this thing” things.  


So, on Thursday, we made a final offer to the landlord of an amazing flat that we’d had our eye on that week, and it was accepted on Friday. 

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We realized that we would be able to fly out soon enough to get Jayce into preschool this fall, something we really wanted for him, so we needed to get tickets and get over there asap.


We decided a bit ago that we would send Chris a week early so that he could check out and set up the flat.  That way if there are any big problems, and there might be, since we’ve never set foot in it to see for ourselves, then we can get those taken care of or find alternate arrangements without the kids in tow.  Chelsea is flying over with the kids and I to assist on the plane and in the airports, and is going to stay for a few days to hang out and help us set up shop.  She and I are also going to venture out to Ikea together before she leaves, a place that Chris and I cannot go to together, for the sake of our marriage and friendship.

So Friday night Chris bought his tickets, and on Saturday morning he bought the tickets for the kids, Chelsea and I.  

Next weekend we head to Ohio, Chris flies out Wednesday, the kids and I the next week.  We’ll be living in our new flat by the end of the month.

Like I said, warp speed.

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