Retro Maroon Zippy Jacket for Perfect Pattern Parcel

I’m really excited (and honored) to help promote another Perfect Pattern Parcel today, and thrilled that this time I got to involve my favorite little guy.   
Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 6
Have you heard of Perfect Pattern Parcel?  I’ve written about them before here, here, and here with a bundle that I sewed for myself, but this time the parcel is for boys and it is a good one!!
Perfect Pattern Parcel is an incredible idea and I love being able to support them and show off a few of the designs that are a part of their bundle.  Not only does this collection give you an a group of patterns that compliment one another to fill your little guys fall wardrobe, but PPP donates 100% of all profits to Donors Choose, an organization that provides for classrooms in need.  The patterns are offered at a discount from what you would pay if you purchased each one individually, you choose the price that you pay for the bundle, your purchase supports the designers behind these small businesses, AND ALL PROFITS go to CHARITY!  It’s a complete win-win situation.
The bundle is only available for a limited amount of time and that time is almost up, so grab it quick!!

Pattern Parcel #4
If you spend more than $26 on the bundle, you get this incredible 6th pattern for free.  Just look at this!!  A Knight Hoodie?!  Yes, please!
Pattern Parcel #4
When I was looking at what to sew for Jayce it was an easy decision.  He doesn’t have much need for back to school wear since he is in a full uniform at school, BUT since we live in the UK there is ALWAYS a need for another jacket, so that’s exactly what he got. 
Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 22Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 23
I was thrilled to be able to sew up this jacket for my boy.  He is not used to being my model so there was a little trial and error in our photo shoot on this afternoon.  He would be walking around or playing, I would call his name, and he would stop and strike a pose, like this hands-in-pockets, knee-forward, full-eye-contact number.  This boy!!  

Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 8Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 3
Luckily for him (and me, maybe?) I’m not really into very posed-looking poses, I’d much rather get him in action.  So I let him charge around on the river front and just followed him with my camera. But this is exactly how I need to see something that I’ve sewn for my boy.  I’m not interested in how it works for him when he’s standing still, I need to see how it works for him when he’s running around and doing his thing, and it didn’t disappoint.  Now I just need to see how it works for him when he’s playing with his legos…

Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 13Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 16

I found this wonderful thick maroon knit at Jo-Ann’s last month when we were home and knew that it would be a great addition to Jayce’s wardrobe.  I tend to dress my boys in 3 colors: gray, blue, and striped.  Are you the same?  But I knew that maroon would mix in happily with these colors and patterns so that is what I went with.  I used this thick heavy-duty gray ribbing for the cuffs and bottom hem of the jacket and was thrilled by how it added substantial weight at sturdiness to the garment.  (The ribbing is from a local fabric store in London.) 

Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 28

I just love this jacket!  It’s classic, easy, and I love the fun half-circle shape of the pocket.  I took the opportunity to play up the shape a little bit with this cool black and white striped ribbing, (black and white striped RIBBING!!) and I love the contrast.
Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 1Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 20
Since we are already firmly in autumn weather here in London, I also opted to line the jacket, so I used some of the softest gray knit fabric, also from Jo-Ann’s.  This wasn’t too difficult to carry out since that the cuffs and bottom hem were finished with ribbing, but attaching the lining to the inside of the zipper required a little thought.  Luckily I had made Hannah this Imagine Jacket a few months ago which was also lined, so I used a portion of that pattern to walk me through the process with this jacket.  

I used the striped ribbing on the collar as well, and even though it is cool and striped, it is also a little thin and flimsy, so I added a layer of thin interfacing to the back to give the collar a little more shape and help it to be less floppy.  This is just a small detail but these are just the sort of details that I’m starting to be drawn to the more and more that I sew.

Zip Coat2 2
I know I said this before with Hannah’s Aster swing coat, but it is becoming increasingly important to me how a garment looks on the inside as well as the outside.  Particularly with something like outerwear, which will very likely be seen by people other than just my husband and myself since it will be hung up at school, church, friend’s houses, etc.  So I am really proud of the seamless, professional-looking inside of this jacket in addition to the stylish outside. πŸ™‚

Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 12Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 9

Jayce loved this jacket!  He wore it around the house the first few days after I made it, and even showed it to Hannah and Chris saying, “But feel how soft the inside is…” which is what really won him over.  I can’t say that I blame him, soft fabric has the exact same effect on me. πŸ™‚
Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 5
I’ll be back on Wednesday with one more pattern from this bundle, and let me just tell you, it’s amazing. πŸ™‚ 
Pattern Parcel #4
If you have read this far down into the post, thank you!  But don’t wait another second to get this bundle, you can purchase by clicking through on the button below.

Buy Pattern Parcel #4

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  1. I'm getting to be the same way about the way things look on the inside being (almost) as important as they look on the outside. I used to let myself get away with such a mess on the inside as long as the outside looked good, but the more I sew the more careful I get and the more pride I take in my work and I want that pride to show everywhere – not just the outside.

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