Reversible Summer and Cloud Roly Poly Dress


Rolypoly 8

So I finally used this incredibly fun, girly, summery fabric that I bought months ago.  It has these adorable little “scenes” of little girls doing summery outdoor activities, (picking apples, feeding chicks, reading books, etc.) and I didn’t want to cut into them.  So this Roly Poly Pinafore pattern, which uses a big cut of fabric, seemed to be pretty perfect. 

Rolypoly 6

I ended up cutting the back pieces at a slight angle since they hang at a slant across the back and I wanted the “scenes” to be pretty much straight up and down.  It wasn’t perfect but it worked.

Rolypoly 3

Also, since the front has a center pleat I wanted to put a cute little “scene” right underneath it.  It almost looks like you’re peeking into a little tent where the girl is reading, with some bunting strung across the top.  One of those little details that no one else will care about but I think is cute. 🙂  Which is fine.

Rolypoly 4Rolypoly 7

On the flip side I used the same blue chambray that I used for these bubble shorts.  (3/4 of a yard went a LONG way I think!)

Rolypoly 9

But my favorite part are the pockets.

Rolypoly 11

Clouds.  I know, right?  I love them.

Rolypoly 12

I had cut them out in blue, and this floral fabric was the inner lining.  But I set them down on the fabric just to see the placement, and immediately decided that they just had to stay that way.  Floral clouds are totally fine, right? Right.

Rolypoly 15

However, the next time that I add cloud pockets, I’ll make sure to put them lower on the skirt.  They are close enough to the waist of the dress that if Hannah has been sitting for a while, or crouching down playing in the dirt, then the top is folded over a bit when she stands up.  No big deal, just something that’s good to know.

Rolypoly 17

Also, this is the first time that I’ve made this dress, and I based the size on her chest measurement.  It does fit great across her shoulders and chest but is a bit shorter than I would like.

Rolypoly 19

Even Chris noticed this.  

Does she need pants to wear with this?  It’s a bit short.

No, she doesn’t need pants, she has bloomers on.  But yes, it is a little short. 

Rolypoly 20Rolypoly 21

It’s okay because I still think it will be adorable over a long sleeved shirt with some tights, but it’s kind of a bummer to sew something that is a bit on the small side, for the sake of longevity.  Like I said, it works, but I think next time I will make the same width as this time, but size up for the length, just to give my girl a little more wiggle-room.  Literally.

Rolypoly 22Rolypoly 26

Cheese, indeed. 🙂

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  1. This is so lovely…. really great photos. I am loving those pockets too! I have seen so many cute versions of this pattern. 🙂

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