Right Now: Contributing, Falling, Growing, and Ageing

2015 Sewing Rabbit Team1.) Me
Sooo, this is pretty fun news, right?  I am one of the core contributors for The Sewing Rabbit blog for 2015 and I am really excited about it.  My first post is actually not a sewing post, it’s a DIY one, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  It is killing me not to have been instagramming it this past week.  No joke.

 Jayce jumping 1Jayce jumping 3
2.) Jayce
This is a small thing but something that is SO JAYCE right now is that just cannot sit down at the table at dinnertime.  We will all be sitting in our seats eating, except Jayce is sliding around in his seat, shimmying on the edge, and sometimes falling off.  He then just stands next to the table beside his seat, with a leg up on the chair, but not really resting on it at all.  The chair is merely a prop, not a functional piece of furniture.  
The amount of times that I have said, “Jayce, what is happening right now?!  Just sit down!”  I can’t even count.  I have threatened to get Hannah’s booster seat and buckle him into it, and I am often tempted to go get a belt and buckle him to the chair so that he can learn how it feels to just sit in a chair.  Chair training, is that a thing?
 I know that kids are squirmy at the table and whatnot, but the “ants in the pants factor” is off the charts here.
Bravo 1Bravo 2Bravo 3
3.) Hannah
My girl appears to have swiftly left the “little peanut” phase and entered the “chunky monkey” phase.  She is 3 1/2 so I imagine it was bound to happen at some stage, but (seemingly) all of the sudden she is taller, her dresses and pants are too short and she has this adorable round bird belly that I cannot stop blowing zerberts into because it is just so round and amazing.  Today she put on two different dresses that I made her last year and they are both too snug under the armpits and tight across the chest.  Most of the clothes that I made her when she was two still fit her when she was three, but it seems pretty clear to me that the things that I’ve made her when she is three will not still fit when she is four.  Oh well, time to get  back to dress making!  Luckily Kids Clothes Week is right around the corner and that can be a good motivation to get going.
Skip Day 1 24.) Chris
He had a big birthday last week.  The “I remember when I was a little kid and my parents were this age” birthday.  But he has accomplished a lot and become a really good man in those years and I’m extremely proud to have by my side.  We celebrated a lot last week and had excessive amounts of homemade desserts, and I think that a trip to Bodeans is in our near future. 
(By the way, he isn’t this miserable about his birthday, but I just found this picture of him from one day when I was testing the exposure on my camera and it made me laugh.)
Happy Monday!

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