Right Now

I glanced at the months tab just before I started this and noticed that November has 3 posts, and December has 2 posts.  It made me laugh.  Just another indication of how crazy things have been around here, though I know that everyone has lots of craziness leading up to the holidays.  Anyway, in another non-attempt to catch up, that will have to come later, here are a few snippets of what we’re up to right now.

Jayce Donkey 1

Jayce had his school play last week, The Wriggling Nativity, (where the animals “wriggle” a lot, I guess?).  I’m not really sure about the wriggling thing, but it was still sweet and adorable in that 5 year old nativity sort of way.  Jayce was a donkey and his little performance was hilarious.  Video soon to follow.

J robe 1

Also for Jayce right now, it is all about this Spiderman robe.  I got it for him a few weeks ago for pajama day and he loves it.  He wears it every day, with the hood up, and normally only with under ware because it’s a soft fleecy material that he can’t bear to not have against his skin.  On colder nights (or if he’s really tired) he sometimes wears it to bed, and when I check on him before I go to sleep I’ll find him wrapped up in it with the hood up.  Basically he looks like Mike Tyson all of the time.

Hannah rice 1

Hannah has taken to “cooking” with rice all of the time.  It seems great, but in a very short amount of time the rice on everything issue will start to drive you crazy.  I used to let Jayce play with rice all of the time, but it was a lot easier when I could give him a bowl, various utensils, and let him go play on the back deck.  Oh well, here’s to surviving the cold weather indoors in whatever way works for the moment!

Christmas toes 3Christmas toes 2

Also, much to Hannah’s delight, she received her own personal pedicurist when Chelsea moved in.  Every week she is getting a new color change, and Chelsea’s kit comes with glitter and sparkly options, which she is delighted by.  She is always running to Chelsea and declaring, “Chelsea!  Do the colors!  Do colors on my toes!” and luckily Chelsea is a good sport.

Halloween Fireman Superwoman 1

These two monkey are always surprising me though, going from moments of bossiness to moments of sweetness.  

After Chris arrived back home from a recent conference in the US, Jayce informed me, “Mom, when I’m big and I go away on a trip I’ll bring a present back for Hannah and the little kids.”

 Later that afternoon when Peppa Pig came on the TV Hannah yelled, “Mom look!  It’s my best friend Peppa!”

I wanted to eat them both up.  And that’s what’s happening right now.