Rompers, Kids Clothes Week, and Brindille & Twig Discount Code

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to participate in Kids Clothes Week this year, given the new baby situation around my house and my limited free time.  But I really wanted to.  I love seeing what my friend are making, checking out other people’s takes on some loved patterns, and the general cheerleading and banter of the week, particularly on instagram.  It’s fun.

Summer romper 11

It turned out that I was able to participate, as long as I gave myself a few rules.  

-Start with a short to-do list: four items only.
-Only do relatively easy and straightforward patterns.
-Do not worry about modeled pictures or accompanying blog posts for the week.  Use spare time for sewing only.

 It turns out that this was a recipe for success!  Not only did I finish all of the four items on my list, I also finished four additional items and didn’t feel overwhelmed by any of it.  Yesss.

IMG 1897IMG 1905

The first two patterns I made were brand new (to me) that I bought on Black Friday.  (Little did I know that I would go into labor with Michael that night!!)  I made a harem romper (above) and a summer romper (below) both from Brindille & Twig.  I shared the snaps of each item on instagram that but not on Michael, but have been able to get pictures of him in each garment since then.

IMG 1913

First up, the summer romper.

Summer romper 2Summer romper 9
I mean, seriously.  Does it get any better than this?  No, it doesn’t.

Summer romper 16

This is the first time that it has been warm enough to have Michael’s sweet skin all out in the open and I love it.  I’m really looking forward to keeping him that way throughout the summer.

Summer romper 17

We were in the middle of tummy time and it was the perfect excuse to snap this outfit in action.

Summer romper 19

We shifted to the bed shortly after I pulled out my camera because tummy time + teething is a bummer of a combination and I wanted to give him a little break.

Summer romper 23

I made no modifications to the pattern since it was my first attempt and everything sewed up perfectly.  I made him a size 3-6 months based on his measurements and it fits well, but there is very little room to grow in the length, so I’m guessing that it will be snug pretty soon.  I should have known better since Michael is in the 80% in length, but now I know for next time.  The good news is that I could just detach the straps, make a new slightly longer pair, and then re-attach the new straps to the back.  But really, it’s such a fast sew that I might just whip up a whole new version when the time comes.

Summer romper 21Summer romper 12

Plus the pattern is just so cute on Michael from every angle.  It’s perfect.  I have a few ideas for modifications so watch this space. 🙂

Modeled 8Romper 1

Next up is the harem romper.

Modeled 11
I made this romper the very first day, and I was holding my breath most of the time because it was my first time ever using my new serger on a garment, and my first time ever using these KAM snaps. I am pleased to say that both things went well.

Romper 3
The KAM snaps were a breeze.  Really, they couldn’t have been easier, and I’ve been very happy with them.  I don’t know what I was so worried about.

Modeled 12

I originally just rolled the hems at the bottom of the romper because I wasn’t sure what color to do the cuffs.  But then I found this striped jersey and that was that

Modeled 14

It’s a pretty adorable little getup.  I think it will be cuter when Michael is toddling around in them because it will be more obvious that it’s a drop crotch, and for now I wonder if it just looks a little big on him? I’m not sure.  But you can get a lot of mileage out of this outfit because as your baby grows in length, it just becomes more of a regular crotch and less of a drop crotch.  Plus you can remove the cuffs and roll the hems to make it into a little shorts romper.  It’s so cute.

Modeled 9

I took these pictures on a chilly day, but this is definitely another outfit that he could wear in the summer without a shirt underneath.  Again, I need more of these, maybe with a kangaroo pouch next time?  But this was a great first run.

Summer romper 6

If you are interested in any Brindille and Twig patterns (and you should be, because just look at those little side wrinkles!!) you can get a 15% discount on your purchase through this link.  There is a rewards program available on the site that you can join to earn points towards future purchases, which I wish I had known about before I bought six patterns at their Etsy site!  Oh well, live and learn.

There also is an affiliate program that you can join if you choose and I just did.  Since most of their patterns are newborn to 5T and I have had so much success with them, I see many many more of these in Michael’s future. 🙂  Hope you love them as much as I do!

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  1. Your pics have inspired me to try the Brindille and Twig patterns! I started with the raglan one piece, which has been perfect for my newborn boy, and now I’m ready to try more. How do I go about using the 15%off? I tried the link, but no difference shows in the price. Thank you for the inspiring sewing!

    1. Oh I still need to try the raglan one piece, but I’ve done the raglan shirt before, which I love!

      As for the discount code it only works if it is your first purchase from the B&T site and if you don’t already have an account with them. A window will pop up offering you 15% off your first purchase and you are emailed a code to use on that purchase. Hope this helps!

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