Rose-y Girl Imagine Jacket

MBOFFI was so excited to be able to test a few patterns for the Make (Believe) pattern collection by Pattern Anthology and I’m sharing them all this week.  Wednesday was the Adventure Tee, Thursday was the Bookworm Button Up, and today is the Imagine Jacket.
Anthology Jacket Test by Our Family Four 3
I hate to play favorites, but, you guys.  
It’s like I’ve made my daughter a jacket that belongs in Anthropologie Kids, if such a place existed, and if I had the money to shop there.  But instead I made this jacket.  I’m a little obsessed with it.
Anthology Jacket Test by Our Family Four 8Anthology Jacket Test by Our Family Four 10
I have never made a coat before because, if I’m being honest, I wasn’t really sure that it would be worth the effort.  But now I am totally sold.  It was not a quick and easy project, but as I said yesterday, sometimes the items that require more concentration and effort also produce the most amazing finished product!
Anthology Jacket Test by Our Family Four 6And it was honestly not that much more effort than a few of the dresses that I’ve made Hannah.  Even the zipper, which I was worried about, was pretty painless to install.  Anthology Jacket Test by Our Family Four 4
I’ve added a few new skills with this pattern as well, like welt pockets, zipper, and oh yeah I made a fully-lined wearable wonderful coat!!  I’m not trying to brag, just still feeling a little amazed.
Anthology Jacket Test by Our Family Four 2
And while I’m being honest I’ll just say that I carried this coat in my purse for 3 days after I finished it so that I could take it to a few friends’ houses, because, again, that thing about sewing sometimes feeling like magic.  I bought fabric with my friend one day, the next week I took this to her house and said, “Remember that fabric I got last week?  It has become a coat!”
Anthology Jacket Test by Our Family Four 1
The version that I made for Hannah has this cool ruffled detail on the sleeves and flaps below the shoulder that give it a little something extra.  When I make Jayce’s version it will have a more traditional bomber jacket feel, but there are cool color block options.  Have you seen the gallery for this collection?  Check it out for some other incredible examples, and you might see a little lady that you recognize. πŸ™‚
Anthology Jacket Test by Our Family Four 7Anthology Jacket Test by Our Family Four 5
If you have never sewn a jacket before, don’t worry, I hadn’t either.  The instructions are helpful, thorough, and get great results. πŸ™‚
There are a few different bundle options available for these patterns, but they’re only available over the next 2 weeks, so get them while you can!
PA BY our family four2 There is this bundle with the 4 patterns that I’ve sewn above, for $19.95.  
There is this bundle with the 4 patterns that I’ve sewn above plus an eBook full of patterns and activities to encourage creative play, for $24.95.
There is also this bundle that includes all that I’ve listed above + 4 different pants patterns so you can make a complete fall wardrobe for your children, for $34.95.  Fun, right?
Check out the website for all of the details, and check the look book here for more inspiration, including my little lady!! πŸ™‚

**I received copies of these patterns for free in exchange for sewing and providing feedback on test versions, but my love for the patterns and enthusiasm is completely genuine.** 

5 thoughts on “Rose-y Girl Imagine Jacket

  1. This coat IS magic! Love it.

    I would totally shop at an Anthropologie kids. or at least browse for sewing ideas, I imagine it would be pricy. πŸ™‚

  2. I'm totally obsessed, too – you SHOULD brag! And loudly!! I was in the same is-it-worth-it boat, but after seeing this, I'm definitely making one (or four) of these this fall.

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