I couldn’t, or I guess I didn’t, resist the Santa picture this year. It is Jayce’s first Christmas after all, and since I was with Mom and Chelsea at the time, I knew that they would help me distract him and get a good picture.

This is the picture we ended up getting, a very cute one with a sly little smile. But I wonder if maybe we didn’t quite get the best picture? I wish that someone had taken a picture of me while this picture was being taken, when I was jumping up and down, clapping my hands over my head, and saying Jayce’s name repeatedly. Is this what motherhood has reduced me to? I think so, and I guess I care(d) more about Jayce smiling than the mall go-ers looking at me like I was crazy.

I also wish we had gotten a picture of 10 seconds after this shot, when Jayce looked up at Santa’s face inquisitively, looked again, his bottom lip popped out, eyes crinkled and his aunt Chelsea had to reach in to rescue him from Santa’s lap. Though the smiling pictures are so sweet, the crying ones are hilarious. Maybe next year.