Self, Don’t Forget This

One day last week, Chris was folding clothes on the couch while I cleaned up the kitchen and Jayce played.  At one point, Jayce ran off with his sippy cup, stood in the corner of the room and upturned the cup until he was standing in a little puddle of milk.  I went over and stopped him, gave him a little leg slap and “No no no!” and he ran crying to his dad.  Chris picked him up and talked to him, and they both looked on while I cleaned up the mess.  A few minutes later while Chris and I were talking, Jayce walked over to the couch, grabbed a few clean washcloths, and spent the next 30 seconds or so wiping the floor in front of him.

Last night we were watching TV and there was a scene where a guy was driving along with a dog in the car beside him.  Jayce got really excited and ran over to the TV, enthusiastically pointing at the dog and looking back at us saying “Ah! Ah! Aaah!” which is how he draws our attention to something.  A second later when they showed the dog again, he laid his head against the screen and spread his arms across it to hug the dog. 

Jayce’s aunt Melanie brought him this really soft stuffed animal snake last weekend which he loves, and also taught him to hiss like a snake.  He will occasionally hiss if we do, but what has stuck more than the sound is the discovery that people will run away from a snake.  He has been chasing us around the house, holding it out in front of him, going either “Raaaaahhhh” or “Aaaahhhhhh.”  It’s a confused snake.  Or a confused boy.