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Slouchy Linden by Erin Always-2 I realized the other day that I’ve made around 150 items of clothing for my kids.  I imagine that that isn’t a lot for some people, but for others it is a crazy amount.  I started sewing in March/April of 2013, so that’s not bad for three years.  Roughly one item per week, but I know that most weeks I was (am?) working on multiple items that are at different stages all at once.  (Actually last week for Kids Clothes Week I started and finished eight different items, although in the weeks leading up to it I struggled to finish one thing.)

In that same amount of time, three years, I have made eleven items for myself.  Four of those were while I was pregnant, which means that there were only 7 things in 2.5 years.  Is that ridiculous or what?

If I’m being honest, I usually don’t find sewing for myself to be as rewarding or enjoyable as sewing for the kids.

For one reason, it’s a lot more of everything.  It takes more fabric which costs more money, it takes more space to store bulky amounts of fabric, it takes more room to spread the fabric out to cut, generally the patterns are bigger and more expensive than kids patterns, and it takes (sometimes quite a bit) more paper to print them out.

Also I get easily discouraged when something doesn’t fit right.  A few of those eleven items that I sewed for myself have never/rarely been worn because even though I plowed through the “obstacles” above, they just weren’t right, and that was that.  You don’t get dressed in the morning and think to yourself, “I really want to wear that awkward-fitting dress today.”  It doesn’t happen.

Slouchy Linden by Erin Always 4

HOWEVER, I’m going to start sewing more for myself this year.  I know that, to some degree, those fit issues are due to my limited experience in knowing how to make them to be just right.  Practice will make perfect and I think I need to practice.  Also there are some great women’s patterns out now, and I keep seeing these amazing outfits that my friends are making and I want to be able to do the same.  Particularly now that I have a lot more room to spread out in and a few better tools.  (A new serger!!!)

Slouchy Linden by Erin Always 10Slouchy Linden by Erin Always 12

The other thing that is making me want to sew more for myself are patterns like the one above.  I cut it before Michael was born and put it together a little at a time over the weeks following his birth.  I made a few modifications which you can read about here to make it more slouchy and I just love it!

Also the gray version of this pattern is the most worn item in my closet by a landslide.  Not just my most worn thing that I’ve made, it’s been worn more than anything store bought.  I’m wearing it in basically every picture of me in my instagram feed for the last three months, if I make it into a picture, that is.

I have set a goal to sew ten pieces of clothing for myself in 2016.  Now I know that sewing eleven items would double the amount of sewing I have done for myself, but I’m giving myself a few months off.  If I surpass ten then that’s great, but ten in a year seems like a good goal.

I am one week into March, have finished one item (the sweatshirt above), and am 3/4 of the way through my second thing.

Slouchy Linden by Erin Always 13

Completely unrelated, how cute are the pictures of Michael, Hannah, and I above?  Would you believe that they are actually not staged?  Slouchy Linden by Erin Always 14

I needed Chris to get pictures of me in this sweatshirt, but right as he was about to do so Michael woke up fussing.  He needed to leave so I told him to just take the pictures anyway. (I already had my contacts in for crying out loud!)  Hannah had been playing, but once she saw that Michael was awake, she rushed right over to kiss him on the head like she always does, and I told Chris to take the pictures with her in them.  I’m glad because it made for the sweetest pictures.

And that is that!  Nine more items to go this year!  Maybe I can get my kids to be in all of the photos with me…?

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  1. I’m the same way, though I don’t have kids so I’m usually sewing stuff for the house: curtains, quilts, pillows, etc. I’ve been wanting to sew more clothing items, I used to when I was young. I started sewing at a very young age and made all my Barbie clothes, then moved on to making most of my own clothes, never with patterns. Since I’ve rarely sewn with patterns I find them intimidating at times, but I’m going to tackle that. Now I just need to get my machine tuned up.

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