Shandiin Tops and Tunic

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I was lucky enough to be a tester for Lou Bee Clothing’s latest pattern, the Shandiig Top and Tunic, which basically means that I got a short head start on assembling a Lou Bee Trio, as I seem to do with Sarah’s patterns.  (You can see my autumnal triple Bimaa obsession here.) 
Shandiin1 2
Shandiin #1 is this pink and blue feathered tunic.  

Shandiin1 4

Feathers or leaves?  I don’t know.  
I got this fabric when I was pregnant with her, just after I found out she was a girl.  It seems a little funny to me that this fabric does the gender neutral thing by using both pink and blue, but with gray, and even though she’s obviously a girl I decided to accent with blue.  Maybe that’s just a little indication as to my feelings about pink.  Although i guess the rest of her wardrobe is some indication of that as well.  Anyway…
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I love the length of this, just below the butt with a swingy shape.  I added a cinch-able bias tape through the bottom hem for options, but while it’s this length on her I just love it loose.  It’s great for sidewalk chalk and running as well.
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Shandiin #2 is a top as opposed to a tunic, with a front button closure and plackets on the outside for extra detail.  
Shandiinbutton 4
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It is so perfect and delicious.  I love it.  The cutout is just so so fun, and paired with that swing hem, and this retro fabric…sigh.  Love.Shandiinbutton 3
Shandiin #3 is basically summertime in the form of a top.
Shandiin3 3Shandiin3 8
  I put this on her and asked her to hold her arms out so I could check the fit, and she said,
Oh, that’s okay mom.  I’m going to the beach.” 
Yeah Hannah.  Me too.  No problem.
Shandiin3 12Shandiin3 11
Instead she worked on the chalkboard, which is the next best thing to the beach.  
I did a solid front, like Shandiin #1, but the top length, like Shandiin #2, but an elastic waist, which is unique to Shandiin #3.  There will not be a quiz.
Shandiin3 10Shandiin3 6
I was so excited that this worked out because it let me get in my last scrap of this beautiful floral fabric that I used on a dress for her last year, and that dress was almost immediately too small for her.  I had a little bit left and the color-blocking on this top let me use it. 
Shandiin3 5
Whew!  Great pattern, right?  I’ve done 3 of these babies in a week, and I still have more ideas.  But my hands are a little numb, so I’m going to stop just for a few.  
Keep an eye out at Lou Bee Clothing for the release of this pattern soon.
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  1. I love them all!! I really like that this pattern lets us use up some if the smaller scrappy bits for the accents. The upper back piece alone is the perfect spot for a feature print. But my favorite is still your placket on the outside one!

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