She’s A Chef

Chef 15I considered not having Hannah dress up for Halloween this year.  Everyone kept telling me how Halloween isn’t really celebrated much here, neither Jayce nor Chris had classes the week of Halloween so there would be no school parties, and truthfully, my mind has been in Christmas mode since September.  But a few weeks ago I noticed that the coffee shop that we love had a few child’s aprons for sale.  I tried one on Hannah, it was HUGE but she looked insanely cute, and it immediately sealed the deal for me.  She had to be a chef.

Chef 3It also works into my plan to subliminally plant the idea that “cooking is fun” in my kids’ heads, so that they can take over for me sooner than later.  

Right Hannah?  Right.

Recently Updated11Anyway, I made a quick trip to my favorite little fabric shop, spent entirely too much time agonizing over trivial details about the design, (1 large pocket or 2 small?  Trim it with bias tape or no?), and 3 days (aka: nap times) later was completely finished.  

Apron 3I LOVE the teeny tiny little pleated pockets, the perfect size for those teeny little hands.  I made the pants with a fun citrusy-patterned fabric using Dana’s pajama pants tutorial, and found Delia’s perfect pizza hat tutorial literally the morning after I finished the apron.  It was fate.  And people have been going crazy over that tiny (but floppy) little hat.  Including me. 

Chef 17The pants fit perfectly.  And it reminded me of the age-old truth that EVERYTHING is cuter in miniature.  Her little apron is smaller than a dish towel.  Do you know how cute it is to see a baby walking around with a smaller-than-a-dish-towel sized apron?  Insanely cute.  It’s a happy maker.

Chef 5I have been planning to get the kids a little kitchen for Christmas and make a few little homemade items to go with it.  So now I can cross this off of my “Halloween costume” list and my “Christmas to do” list!  Except that Jayce has requested his own apron and hat.  Oh well.  Sewing the second is always faster and easier than sewing the first, so it will be no problem.

Chef 13Chris came home while Hannah was cooking in the kitchen.  The photo on the right is when she heard him come through the door.  She loooves her daddy.

Recently Updated8Chef 4She also loves to bang around pots and pans while I cook, so this is a common occurrence in our house.  Now she just looks the part.

Chef 11Chef 14Recently Updated10Eventually, all of that cooking wore her out, and she had to retire with her bear and recouperate a bit.  I can’t blame her.  Even fake cooking can wear you out.

Chef 19Chef 20

5 thoughts on “She’s A Chef

  1. The cutest! I have just been given a sewing machine exciting times. I've never sewn so much as a button my whole life! Seeing this has made me want it all the more though. I will learn 🙂

  2. I love it all too! You did an awesome job on the hat, pants, & apron! Hannah is a total doll! : ) And a lucky girl to have such a talented mommy.

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