Shower 22

A few friends were kind enough to throw us a shower a few weekends ago.  Actually, I asked that it not be called a shower, more of a “the Keiths have been house and hospital bound for the last month, so come visit with them before baby arrives, and feel free to bring girl clothes” type of get together.  It was perfect.  It was so nice to be able to visit with so many of our friends, and since it was a “bring your family” open house type format, Chris and Jayce got to hang out and visit with their friends too.

Shower 18

At the time of the shower I was 35 1/2 weeks pregnant, so I was technically still on bed rest.  So I planted myself on a stool in the kitchen and people would come chat with me, get some food, drop off their gifts and head outside or hang out in the kitchen.  It was a perfect set up.  I was originally worried that I’d be on the couch with my feet up and people would feel like they needed to sit and talk to the poor pregnant lady for a while, but the kitchen was a much better format, and we had lots of yummy food.

Shower 20

I think everyone can agree that May is a crazy month with school letting out, graduations, Mother’s Day, etc.  When we were trying to figure out a date for the shower we kept running into dead ends, except for one day, May 21.  Which is Jayce’s birthday.  Being on bed rest was going to limit what we were able to do on that day anyway, but I did feel bad that all morning we would be doing “shower stuff” and no “birthday stuff.”  But it ended up working out perfectly.  Along with the other shower goodies, Kristen had made Jayce some birthday cupcakes, so everyone knew and wished him a happy birthday.  Several of our friends had brought him a little gift in addition to something for the baby, everyone sang to him at one point, and lots of his friends were there for him to run around and play with, so as far as he was concerned it was his party.  It worked out even better than we had planned!

Picnik collagej

It was a nice chance for us to get out of the house, and we had a great time hanging out with some friends and collecting some adorable outfits for our little lady.  Since I was chair-bound one of my friends grabbed my camera and ran around getting pictures of some of the guests and festivities, so I’m glad I have those to look back on.

Picnik collagep

The shower was in the late morning up until around lunchtime/nap time which was perfect!  We headed home, all crashed, and woke up just in time to celebrate Jayce’s birthday that evening which I’ll share in another post.


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