Shutterfly, Anyone?

I received this offer last week but just thought I’d pass it on in case anyone else can make good use of it. Shutterfly is giving away a free 8 x 8 photo book if you make a book and place your order by August 26th. You just use the code SUMMERBOOK when you check out, and you only will have to pay shipping and handling.

I used to use Shutterfly a lot when we were in Scotland to share pictures with our family, but haven’t been keeping up with it since we started the blog. I just periodically use it when I get deals like this. I have already done Jayce’s first year scrapbook, so I used this offer to make a book of his first birthday. I’m still working on the finishing touches but it has been pretty easy to use so far-I’ve gotten most of it finished in a single nap time!

Anyway the offer is for a 20 page book, so there is plenty of space for whatever you would like to do. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Shutterfly, Anyone?

  1. Oh, I got this offer too. Usually offers like these they only send to frequent customers. Even if you share the code, others can't use it. (I found that out when I sent one of my offers to a friend and she showed me the bottom of my email where it said it was an offer for my email only.) Anyway, I did do this and got my book in the mail yesterday. It turned out so fun! We had an offer last year and this year, and we've had our summer photos for each year documented so nicely!

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