Side By Side

I’m not sure how things are at other people’s houses, but for us there is only one day a year where we consistently get a picture that can easily show growth and change like the “first morning of school picture.”  Even on the kids’ birthdays when there are lots of pictures of one of them, we rarely get a family photo or a picture of both kids together.  But the morning of the first day of school, we do it, we plan for it, I tell them all ahead of time to be ready for it.  
Here are Jayce’s First Day Pictures and Jayce and Hannah on each of his first days of English Primary School.  
(For pictures of the whole family, one parent at a time, or more details, click through on the year to go to the original post.)

Firstday 1Firstday 2Firstday 8

1stdayyear1 13 21stdayyear1 11 2Year One First Day 1

Year Two First Day 3
Year Two First Day 1Year Two First Day 16

This boy.  I could eat him up.
And starting next year, his first day of school pictures will be with her first day of school pictures.
But again, we’re not talking about that yet.

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