Silhouette Love

Before I had children, I never really understood why some people have cut outs done of their children’s silhouettes. I never really thought there was that much that was distinct about a child, that an all black profile cut out would capture better than a picture. Until now.

Week 3-17.jpg

Now I know that a profile shot can really capture your child. For Jayce, it’s the tiny flips in his hair, his long eye lashes, round cheeks, button nose and little bird mouth. In fact, often when I catch sight of his profile when he is doing something that keeps him stationary, like playing in the kitchen, reading a book, or watching tv, I will be so overcome by these sweet little traits that I’ll have to stop whatever I’m doing and rush over to bury kisses into those plump cheeks.


And now there are 2 profiles that I’m completely in love with.

E1025F317CFB5B8E9E5C526E5CC0F475 copy.png

4 thoughts on “Silhouette Love

  1. i am so in love w/our little ones' profiles, too! they bring tears to my eyes when they sleep. SO sweet!
    -love you my dear! (=

  2. It's so funny…I just put my boys to bed and right before I did, I was stuck staring at Eli's profile. I just want to remember it because it is so, so sweet and so unique.

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