Simply Simple

Last week I decided it was time to have a little more of an autumn look around the house.  I got this cool grapevine wreath for $3, some oak tree leaves on sale (now that Halloween is over and the Christmas stuff is out full force they are practically giving the fall stuff away), and gathered up some leaves and braches from bushes around the house.  I sat down with my glue gun and got to work.


This is what I ended up with.  I realize that it is rather boring as far as wreaths go, but I tend to like simple stuff and went for the less is more approach here.  Plus I liked how the wreath had this dry knotty texture and I didn’t want to cover it all up.


I cut some branches off of this big brown bush that I hate from our front yard, and ended up leaving them in these vases instead of gluing them onto the wreath. It was an unexpected surprise that the branches looked so nice alone since the bush itself is a bit of an ugly monster. 


Yesterday when I got home from the grocery store and was unpacking everything I decided that these pears were too nice-looking to hide in the fridge.  So instead I stuck them in this large vase and they landed on the table.


I’m sure Chris probably thinks I’m a little crazy for this one, but don’t they look so pretty?  Or maybe I just need to get out of the house more.


Anyway, this is what you get when I’m trying to valiantly blog every single day- stuff around my house. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Simply Simple

  1. Oh, no you do not need to get our more. The pears are absolutely adorable! I have a thing for pears. Don't like to eat them, but they are darn cute for decorating! Love it!

    Your wreath looks awesome too! I have never made a wreath and I don't even own a wreath! I have wanted one since we got married so I think I need to go on a hunt for a $3 one like yours! It's perfect. Love the touches you added to it! Simple is always the way to go! : )

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