Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty 3

After a big morning of playing hard with all of her new toys, my little peanut settled quickly into her nap.  
She fell asleep so quickly that I peeked in to make sure that she was okay and found her like this.  I had to run for my camera.

Sleeping Beauty 6Sleeping Beauty 10Sleeping Beauty 1Sleeping Beauty 4

I have a series of pictures of her like this in her crib when she is only a few months old somewhere on the blog.  I remember taking a few different angles at the time and not really thinking much else about it, but later when I looked through them noticed all sorts of little details: Eyelashes, the way she held her hands, her sleepy little pout, etc.  
Sleeping Beauty 5I took a few minutes to sneak several pictures and then quietly snuck out while she snoozed, face-painted and bear-snuggling away.

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  1. I love these photos. So incredibly precious and what a treasure to have sleeping photos of all her little details from different ages. She is such a doll.

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